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As your enterprise publication relations solution, we guarantee press coverage from top-tier global news publications for your company executives and key employees.

Tier 1 Publications For Your Executives, Employees & Company

Whitefriar guarantees your companies PR will reach a specific target audience, boosting the online reputation of the company and executives online presence.

Get your executives on influential media placements

Global & local publications

Multi industry serving solutions

Why Finflow?

PR Managed From The Whitefriar Dashboard

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Managed From One Dashboard

Oversee all aspects of your company’s PR, executive PR, published articles, and filter through 650+ publications from a single dashboard.

Promote Executive Profiles

Empower your executive team to shine in the digital spotlight. Whitefriar gives you the tools to showcase their expertise and achievements, positioning them as industry leaders.

Control The Media Outcome

Control of the narrative and shape the outcome according to your strategic objective. The dashboard allows you to craft the story and manage the brand’s reputation.

Executives Online Reputation

Whitefriar is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the image of the brand and executives profile on search, while reflecting the values and excellence of the organization.

Global List Of Publications

Whitefriar provides you with a comprehensive list of publications from around the world, giving you unparalleled access to media publications, and news sources.

Publications Insights

Gain actionable insights with Whitefriar’s publication key stats. Understand how each publication will effect the online presence of the executive online presence and brands online reputation.

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